About us

The leading horse pool betting operator in France and Europe,
the third largest worldwide.

in 1930


Who we are?

Founded in 1930, PMU (Pari Mutuel Urbain) is a French betting operator that promotes horse racing and provides a betting service to help fund the horse racing industry in France.

PMU is the third largest pool betting company worldwide. The company is structured as an EIG (Economic Interest Grouping). PMU employs over 1,200 people and supports 66 French horse racing associations including:

  • France Galop, for flat and jump racing
  • Le Trot, for trotting races
13,300 outlets
in France

Key figures*

  • €9.7 billion: Total bets placed on horse racing, sports events and poker
  • €8.8 billion: Total bets placed on horse racing
  • €1.55 billion: Bets placed online (horse racing, sporting events, poker), making www.pmu.fr one of France’s leading e-commerce sites
  • €1.1 billion: International activity
  • 13,300 outlets throughout France
  • 4 million loyal customers
  • 87 partners worldwide in 57 countries

*2018 figures

Our passion

International development

PMU is exporting its model abroad by drawing on two strategies:

B2B strategy:

In 1987, PMU was one of the first operators worldwide to offer its services internationally and allow foreign partners to bet on French races through common pool betting. Today, PMU has 87 international partners in 57 countries, spanning all five continents.

B2C strategy:

  • German Tote, Germany: PMU acquired a majority holding of German Tote and is now Germany’s leading horse racing betting operator.
  • Eurotiercé, Belgium: PMU established its first BtoC venture abroad by becoming the majority shareholder of the Belgian betting operator, Eurotiercé.