Mutual Bets

A wide-ranging offer to meet all customers’ needs
and diversify business.

For all types of punters

Betting for everyone, from novices to expert punters

Target all kind of customers profile with our divesified betting offer.

Our diversified range is designed to suit every need and offers the chance to play every day on any races from the racecard: customers can bet on 1 and 5 horses, and place bets ranging from a few euros to several million.

12 bets to meet all
your customers’ needs

Our betting offer

  • Simple / Couplé / Trio: Our most iconic bets, offered every day on every races, a must have!
  • Super 4: An affordable stake of €1 to get attractive payouts thanks to its common pool with Trio and Trio Ordre.
  • Multi / Mini Multi: Only bets allowing to play on different numbers of horses for the same stake. Attractive for its flexibility and its potential use for strategies.
  • 2sur4: Seduces a large range of customers from beginners to most experienced punters, thanks to its simplicity and frequent winnings.
  • Pick 5: An attractive bet, which appeals to the punters’ expertise and offers interesting winnings.
  • Tiercé: The French classic bet, only available on the Quinté+ race.
  • Quarté+: Offers a good ratio winnings expectation and price due to its 3 dividends.
  • SpOt: Automatically selects the horses or part of the horses of a bet.
  • Jackpot: On 2sur4 and Simple (Win or Place), to get the chance to multiply winnings by up to 1000.
Our flagship bet

Unique bet in the world

Play smart, win big

  • Launched in 1989, Quinté+ is PMU flagship bet.
  • A daily bet offering 4 levels of winnings.
  • On Sundays : a unique Jackpot offer of €500 000.
  • And extra Jackpot on the go, up to €5 M